Consistent and accurate service for both lender and borrower.

Churchill Commercial Capital services a diverse portfolio of commercial and multifamily loans for our correspondent lenders.  We offer accurate, efficient and responsive loan servicing from CCC’s offices in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Our experienced staff  handles all aspects of loan servicing, including administration of escrow and impound accounts using state-of-the-art technology that incorporates strict security features.

Our cashiering servicing portfolio is composed of loans secured by commercial property located in Arizona and other Western states.  We also provide subservicing, non-cashiering services to additional lenders. On securitized loans we originate, we offer subservicing which allows us to advise our CMBS borrowers on securitized servicing issues.

Services include:

  • Payment collection and remittance
  • Escrow account administration and compliance monitoring
  • Property inspections
  • Loan reviews
  • UCC monitoring
  • Tax and insurance compliance monitoring
  • Lease approval processing
  • Assumption request processing
  • Payoff request processing
  • Borrower financial statement review
  • Loan document compliance testing
  • Market analysis
  • Cash Management Trigger Consulting
  • Workouts