Our relationship with Churchill and Cindy Hammond spans 14 years, during which we have closed 13 loans totaling over $160 million. Cindy and her staff excel at finding the best capital sources for our financing needs, and understanding the intricacies of each transaction. She and her staff work in an honest and straightforward manner, and are trusted by their lending sources. Cindy is an expert in her field, whose advice we value. I can highly recommend Cindy and her firm to you. – I. Michael Kasser

I would like to give my thanks and a testimonial of Churchill Commercial. We just closed a 40.5 million dollar loan that I know would not have happened without Churchill. Never in my 25 year experience have I met an organization that did all the work necessary to simply “Make It Happen”. Also this was not just a loan closing or a re-fi. This was a complicated buyout of the existing two buildings removing one partner for another, then blending these two bldgs. with the new bldg. for one large transaction.

When I was looking for the construction loan to our bldg. E which had a 10 year lease with Henry Schein, I thought to myself this has to be easy. Yet 5 banks made it harder than it had to be. They kept coming up with all the reasons why I couldn’t make this loan instead of working on the ways we could make the loan. They just kept giving me lists of things to do so they could close. With Churchill they work in such a way as to ask you what they can do to help and then do. As I look back and try to recall the number of spreadsheets that were made up to explain our position or to help me understand what each bank was offering so I could compare is mind blowing. They even worked out a quick lease reconciliation of one of our major tenants and helped work out the solution. I will never look anywhere else!!

After many years in business you begin to realize that it is your relationships that really make you successful. Churchill is one of those relationships. I have also come to know through the years that great companies have great leaders who inspire great people. Cindy Hammond is one of those. She knows the meaning of work. Straight forward integrity is the only way she operates and she has passed that down to everyone who works for her. Just as important she never lost sight of who she was working for. My best interest were always foremost in her thoughts. When it came down to the loan docs that were over 450 pages she made as many comments and push-backs as my counsel did which benefited me greatly.

The best part of this whole transaction is that I have come to know someone who loves their work as much and I do and that I have made a very close and dear friend. – Mark H. Robinson

Greenlight has done business with Cindy Hammond and her team at Churchill Commercial for over 10 years. Churchill Commercial provides rock solid financial analysis and in-depth market knowledge. This ability, coupled with their extensive personal relationships in both debt and equity markets, have provided Greenlight with excellent results in sourcing lenders and investors. Cindy knows us and knows the market and the result has been capital partners that are a perfect fit for our business needs.– Patricia Watts, Greenlight Communities

Real Estate is a relationship oriented business. Who you know helps in the fostering of deals and profits. I am extremely glad that I know Cindy and her financial team. Cindy Hammond and her team have been instrumental in helping us accomplish our development and ownership goals over the last fifteen years. They have assisted in placing us with financial partners and lenders who are among the best I have been associated with in my 50 years in this business. Cindy is consistently capable analyzing and describing the deal and its debt or equity needs. I strongly recommend Churchill Capital to source debt and equity for any project one might be considering. – Lee Mashburn, Pivot Development

Cindy Hammond and her team are one of the most creative outfits in the business. They are thorough in their underwriting and always get you to the close without a hiccup. We have utilized Cindy and Churchill for over 15+ years and we look forward to working with her on our next 15+ years of financing needs. If you ever need a connection, Cindy is there to open the door. Let her and her team guide you on your next sourcing round. – Arthur J. Ferrari, III, President Abart Properties Corporation